Free Lıve For Women In Turkey

Compared to Saudi Arabia and Turkey on Turkey’s women’s rights, it is clear that much more modern and forward-thinking. This is why Turkish citizenship is frequently preferred by Saudi women. With the reform in Saudi Arabia, Saudi women were given the right to travel without their husband’s permission. However, many Saudi women who want to live free communication history with our company, has started to process their citizenship and the effect of any man in Turkey and began to live freely without being obeyed. This creates an irresistible opportunity for women living in Saudi Arabia. The travel authorization previously granted in Iran, so many Iranian women in Sweden, Norway, Turkey and settled in countries such as England and began to live comfortably.

The security of these women, whose citizenship procedures are carried out by us, is kept and protected. For women who want to get citizenship in our company, their homes, cars, jobs and protection are arranged before they arrive. With the purchase of real estate, citizenship procedures are started and citizenship is obtained even within a month. A lawsuit is also filed for our clients who wish to change their personal information. In this way, people who they do not want in any way cannot reach. Unconditional support is provided to our Saudi female clients who demand that the company is the owner and representative of the woman.

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